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    LUSPAZ Electric Power Dual OKIN Motor Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly, Vibration Massage Recliner Chair with Heat, Infinite Position, Brown

    This product seems to have some great features that can provide a relaxing massage experience. With 8 vibrating nodes targeting various areas such as the back, lumbar, thighs, and legs, it offers multiple massage modes that can be selected individually for each massage point. Additionally, the timer function allows you to conveniently set the duration of the massage session. Furthermore, the lumbar heat point added to the product can promote blood circulation and contribute to a full-body relaxation effect. Its ability to improve blood flow can be beneficial for overall well-being.

    Power Lift Recliner Chair:

    That sounds like a fantastic feature of the recliner chair! With the power remote buttons, you have the ability to control the lift or recline of the chair, allowing you to find your desired position with ease. Whether you want to fully recline at 180 degrees or use the lift function, this chair has you covered. The electric dual motor mechanism is what powers the chair, providing smooth and silent operation. The dual motors work together to push the entire chair up, making it effortless for the elderly to stand up. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals with balance issues, leg or back problems, or those recovering from surgery.


    Built-in Motor
    OKIN Motor
    Ideal Height
    Surface Material
    Breathable Leather
    Seat Height
    Seat Width
    Product Weight (lbs)
    Maximum Reclining Angle
    Packed in
    2 BOXES
    Weight capacity
    350 lbs
    Main Color
    package details

    The new type of powerful product is comfortable, quiet, firm, and stable.
    √ 8 Massage units
    √ 5 Different modes
    √ 4 Areas of massage: BACK, LUMBAR, THIGH, LEG
    √ 3 Timers:15/30/60 minutes
    √ Multiple massage intensity
    √ Dual OKIN Motor: It could be reclined to 180° flat for sleeping.
    This lift chair is specially powered by Dual OKIN motor - each motor works independently. You can get any position you want easily as the backrest and footrest can be adjusted individually. The chair helps seniors to stand up easily, and it's ideal for people who have leg/back problems or people who have mobility issues.

    Type-C Charging Port

    The remote control of the massager comes with a Type-C charging port, which allows you to charge low-power devices such as iPhone and iPad using the Type-C cable provided. This feature ensures that your essential devices are conveniently within reach while you enjoy your massage. However, please note that the Type-C port is designed for low-power devices only and may not be suitable for charging high-power devices.

    OKIN Power Lift Recliner Motor

    OKIN Power Lift Recliner Motor

    Dual Stainless Steel Cup Holders and Side Pockets

    Having two cup holders and side pockets on the massager is indeed a thoughtful design. These features provide convenient storage options for keeping drinks or other small items within easy reach during your massage sessions. With cup holders, you can easily hold your beverages without worrying about spills, and the side pockets offer a practical solution for storing items like remotes, magazines, or phones while you relax. Overall, these design elements enhance the usability and convenience of the massager for your daily use.


    1. Delivery: The chair is shipped in two separate boxes. Although they are shipped on the same day, there is a possibility that they may be delivered on different days by the carrier. This is a normal occurrence in the delivery process.
    2. Assembly: The chair requires easy assembly, and the good news is that no tools are needed.
    3. Max reclining angle: The chair has a maximum reclining angle of 180 degrees. This means that you can fully recline the chair for a more comfortable and relaxed position.
    power lift recliner power lift recliner power lift recliner Power lift recliner
    Large Massage Recliner Chair with Heat Large Massage Recliner Chair with Heat XLarge Massage Recliner Chair with Heat XLarge Massage Recliner Chair with Heat
    Reclining Angle 165° 165° 165° 165°
    Size Map Large Large XLarge XLarge
    Cup Holders No No Two Hidden Cup Holders Two Hidden Cup Holders
    Side Pockets Two Two Two Two
    USB charger No No
    Vibrating & Heating
    Motor OKIN Motor OKIN Motor OKIN Motor OKIN Motor
    Upholstery Material Thick Chenille yarn Thick Chenille yarn Velvet Velvet